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Endorsed by Ben Collins, formerly “The Stig”, AlcoDigital are the leading Breathalyzer company in the UK, with a wider range of own-brand models than any other supplier along with top selling breathalyzers from the Worlds’ most trusted brands – including Draeger, Lifeloc, ACS, Q3i and represent AlcoHoot in the UK.

As the UK’s leading Drug & Alcohol Safety experts, AlcoDigital have been working with National and Local Government Agencies, PLC’s and Law Enforcement since 2002.

Our Customer Service is second to none and unlike many online breathalyzer stores, we don’t just “shift boxes”; we are an Authorised Service Centre for more makes and models than anyone else in the UK . We offer fully certified online and onsite training for employers and always have staff on hand to offer expert advice and assistance.

When you buy from us, whether for personal or professional use you are guaranteed a high quality, accurate and reliable product backed up by full servicing and calibration facilities.

Ben Collins is a professional racing driver known across the globe for his role on Top Gear as “The Stig” –  pushing cars and technology to the limits.  Precision, reliability and consistency are part of his life and he is totally committed to improving road safety:

“Partnering with AlcoDigital is a natural fit for me. Alongside my books I thoroughly enjoy my work as an inspirational speaker at schools and events, teaching others about driver safety. I am delighted to be working with a brand whose main goal is to make a difference to road safety in the UK.”

AlcoDigital’s Own-Brand Breathalyzers – as recommended by Ben Collins, “The Stig”


Customer testimonials

Arthur Burns – “A must for the morning after for guys that rely on their licence for their livelyhood have another coffee and retest an hour later or take the bus”

Chris – ” The peace of mind the Draeger vehicle interlock has given to us as a family has been invaluable. Having a family member who has been previously banned for driving under the influence of alcohol , the interlock has taken away all the worry and danger of the possibility of this happening again. Also the interlock has also enabled the family member the freedom of a car but without the risk of ever being able to drink drive. It is both discreet and easy to use. We couldn’t recommend this more highly”



Drink Driving in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland

What is the drink driving limit in England, Wales and Northern Ireland?

0.08% BAC, or 35µg per 100ml breathe. I now welcome you to the 3% of the population who know what the British limit actually is. These blood and breath readings don’t equate to units like most people may think. Everybody tolerates alcohol differently therefore it would take different amounts of alcohol and time to reach these levels…… >>Read more

England and Scotland Limits

New Guidelines for daily alcohol consumption

The recommended daily alcohol consumption is currently under review. Not only has it been suggested that we should lower the daily recommendation of 2-3 units a day for Men, but we should also abstain from alcohol completely at least 2 days a week.

Everybody tolerates alcohol differently, and that is one of the reasons the new guidelines will match women and men equally. Some people have a higher tolerance than others – but that is not to say the alcohol isn’t physically affecting one more than the other…..>>Read More

changes to recommended daily alcohol consumption

changes to recommended daily alcohol consumption

Diesel Car magazine review the best of the best personal digital breathalyzers

Diesel Car recently reviewed a range of personal digital breathalyzers including three of the AlcoDigital brand and the Alcohoot Smartphone Breathalyzer, available from Breathalyzer.co.uk.   Diesel car used Certified Wet Bath Calibration equipment as used by the Police to test the readings of each one, basing the scores on accuracy, design, ease of use and notable features.

And now for the verdict……>>Read More

Ben collins quote and AlcoDigital Platinum Lite Breathalyzer

AlcoDigital Platinum Lite Breathalyzer

European Drink Driving Limits and How We Compare in the UK

In the aftermath of Scotland reducing it’s Drink Drive limit it has become apparent that whoever is responsible for advertising the drink driving limits within Scotland & England either doesn’t drink – or has never actually used an accurate Breathalyzer whilst drinking!

The law recently changed wherein a breath test in the UK is………..>>Read More

Drink drive limits Europe

Police drink driving limits for private motorists in Europe

How much can I drink until I am over the legal limit?

You may hear lots of phrases down the pub or over at your friends for dinner regarding drinking and driving, such as;

‘I know when I’m over the limit’

‘I just need to take one sip and I’d be over the limit’

‘I’m fine to drive right now’

But what facts are you going off in relation to the legal limit of 35µg per 100ml breath?  Whilst the Police use a Breathalyzer to accurately…….>>Read More

Alcohol test on Alcohawk slim breathalyzer

Alcohol breath test on the Alcohawk Slim breathalyzer

What Gear Review

AlcoDigital and What Gear got together to help What Gear with a little challenge they had in store for each other – Who tolerates alcohol better?! We brought the breathalyzers and the booze, they brought the camera’s and reviewed.

Dave and Troy from What Gear were given a choice from our wide range of personal breathalyzers. Once selected we got in the pints and had a chat about how alcohol effects people differently and how a breathalyzer is really the only way you can know how you personally tolerate alcohol. But which breathalyzer should you go for…….>>Read more

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