AlcoSaber Breathalyzer


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The AlcoSaber breathalyser is an easy-to-use handset perfect for instantly determining whether there is ANY alcohol present in a person’s breath. It is ideally suited for use in situations where rapid testing of large quantities of people with minimal intrusion is required – for example, site entrances, roadblocks and entrances into safety-critical environments.

The AlcoSaber’s unique LED light offers a clear result within 2 seconds, then clears itself automatically ready for the next test.

Key features

  • Displays the test result instantly – green = no alcohol detected, red = alcohol detected.
  • Ideal for rapid response, high volume alcohol screening
  • No physical contact between the device and the subject
  • Pre-set limits to suit your company policy
  • No mouthpieces, so no consumable costs

The AlcoSaber is the perfect alcohol screening device can be used to screen people on a regular basis efficiently and cost effectively.

Download AlcoSaber Product Info PDF

Sensor Type:  SuracellTM sensor (Fuel Cell sensor)

Temperature compatibility range: -5°C ~ 40°C

Calibration required: Every 5,000 tests or 12 months whichever comes first

Start up time: Within 10 seconds

Analysis time: Within 2 seconds (at 0.00 concentration)

No tests per minute : 12

Weight of handset: 370g (Including batteries)

Dimensions of handset: 276(Height) X 44.5(Width) X 44.5(Thickness)

Power: AA Size Alkaline Battery Or Rechargeable Battery 6EA

Additional features: Displaying battery level. Reminder for calibration & Grace period. LED lighting

Contents:  Wand handset, 3 x Blow cap/mouthpiece, Hand strap, User manual

Warranty: 6 months